Donating/Giving Away Furniture!

‘Ello! I have a question regarding donating furniture; I have a couch upstairs in my house that we don’t use and it’s old. It’s in good condition but the back legs have broken off so it sits on wooden blocks. I’m sure new legs could be purchased for it, but I want to give it away/donate it. I knew that there was a company/society you could call and they would come pick it up and take it but I don’t have the number or know who it was. Does anybody else know or know anyone who could use a free couch? It was never my style and given to me when I lived in New Orleans and it’s just sitting upstairs in our “loft”.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
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looking for references

I'm looking for an attorney in Summerville to help me write a will (and possibly a living will). I know no attorneys in town, so without references I'm essentially throwing darts at a phone book to choose one. Does anyone have experience or recommendations for a lawyer in Summerville (it's important that s/he is in or very close to SVL, due to time constraints) who does this kind of thing?

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(no subject)

Hi everyone.

My friend and I are upstate NY travel nurses who want to take a 3 month assignment down in Charleston. We want to rent a really cute/trendy apartment or house for a short term lease, and knowing nothing at all about the area we were just wondering where the hot spots are for young professionals in this city. We don't know where we'll contract yet seems like MUSC and Roper are the two hospitals I'm coming across in my travels...does anyone on here have some feedback about which hospitals are the best for nurses?

We're excited to come down and experience this beautiful city!! Thanks in advance for your feedback, we really appreciate it!!
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cannonborough neighborhood?

My stepdaughter is a student at CofC, and wants to move into an apartment at the corner of Rutledge Ave and Bogard Street.  This is one block from the Crosstown Expressway ( Hway 17).  Does anyone know about crime in this area?  When I was a student in Charleston this was not a safe area. 

Lost kitty found :(

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say thank you to all of you who helped look for my friend's cat, Samson, who was lost downtown.  He was found this morning, passed away in a neighbor's driveway from being hit by a car :(

He lived an amazing 10 months, filled with lots of love, belly rubs, tree climbing, squirrel chasing, and playing with the dogs who were part of their family.  He will be missed :(

RIP Samson :(
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Lost kitty in downtown charleston

Hey there!

My friend's adorable orange male tabby has wandered away from home in downtown Charleston.  If you see him, could you please comment here and let me know where?  His name is Samson, and he's almost a year old.  I'm sure he misses his family!  Thanks so much!

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Charleston visit

I'm coming to visit Charleston the 2nd weekend in June. What are some places of interest that I should go see? What is Charleston known for? What about restaurants? Where should I go to eat? Also, are there any events going on that weekend?