I am trying to recover / find items stolen from me. (in Summerville, SC)...see list for details...

These items were stolen from me in Summerville, SC....

I am trying to recover stolen items (if you know where their whereabouts are...or have seen them...please e-mail me and let me know, thank you.):

1. G5 Power Mac 1.6 ghz * 256mb RAM (DDR type RAM) w/ a -internal 80 gig SATA hard drive -a Maxtor internal 200 gig SATA hard drive

-with a PCI Belkin F5D7000 version 3 or 4 wireless network card... (NIC - network interface card) -ATI 9600 Pro Video Card (graphics card)..the Mac version -a 10/100/1000 Network card (NIC - network interface card)...a gigabit ethernet card in other words -firewire 400 & 800 ports -PCI 4 or 5 USB port hub -front auxilary headphone jack -front USB port -front firewire port -a super drive (CD / DVD burner for CD+r, CD-r, CD+rw, CD-rw, DVD-r, DVD+r, DVD-rw, DVD+rw) -4 RAM slots (256 RAM ...DDR type RAM)... **the computer does not have bluetooth, a dial-up modem, or an airport.** sn-XB341085NV9

2. monitor: CRT Envision 19 in.

3. External DVD-Burner, a white one

4. an air matress & air mattress pump (the pump plugs into a wall outlet)

5. Alumni skateboard deck (just the deck) with a b/w stencil like picture of a bridge the Talmadge (Savannah bridge....the bridge between SC and GA)

6. A Less than Jake skateboard deck (just the deck) that is blue with yellow letters with "Less than Jake" written on it (in yellow letters)...with autographs from ska and punk bands such as The Casualties, Less than Jake, and catch 22.

7. A USB & PS/2 Wireless Keyboard and Wireless optical mouse (that has a scroll wheel and a side button)...made by Logitech...furthermore the Logitech MX (500?)

8. PS/2 & USB wired mouse made by IBM that is an agronomical mouse (the curved kind) and it's purple and black with a scroll's an optical mouse.

9. an Apple Keyboard that is black that has clear plastic surrounding it, it has black keys, it's for an iMac G3. It connects to the computer via USB, and has a USB port on the right side as well as on the left side of it.

10. an Apple mouse shaped like a jelly bean, it's clear, and it's an optical mouse, it is not the pro mouse...with the center's a single button mouse.

11. Computer speakers, 2 of them, the set of speakers is powered by a wall outlet, and one of the speakers, has the volume/power switch on one of them, the brand is either Altec Lansing or Delta...

12. 2 suits: one has pin stripes (or stripes) and the jacket has 2 columns of buttons, and the other suit is a dark grayish brownish tan color with a hint of plaid.

13. A nokia cell phone that is black and the wall paper of it was gold fish, and it's not a flip phone or a slider phone, just a plain cell phone, and it doesn't have a camera, but it had a FM radio as a feature.

14. APC Battery Back up (Battery back a supply) with 2 outlets, it's an (off) white color...cream like color...more white though, and it's a rectangular box...and a surge protector...
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My trusty 1997 Toyota Camry is not acting so trusty as of late. I'm pretty certain I'm going to need to have my alternator replaced and am wondering if anyone knows of any reliable mechanics who won't take me for a ride (pun intended).

I don't know too much about cars and don't want to be duped or talked down to, just because I'm a girl.

Any recommendations?

Packing Boxes

Well we managed to find the perfect home specifications, in North Charleston.    We will be there the last week of August....tired already.  Thanks to all that emailed me with advice.

If you know of anyone hiring a slightly smart ass, menopausal, but very smart person, please alert me before you call CNN.

. . . now where is that packing tape . . .

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Safe neighborhood??

Hi all, I have questions about Charleston apartments and neighborhoods yet again. What is the area around Coming St. & Cannon St. like? Thanks for the help in advance. 

*edit* Also how about Queen and Trapman? It's near Colonial Lake.

Finally, House Sold Charleston or Bust

We are planning on coming down to Charleston next week to scope out housing as our house here in Asheville is on the verge of selling.  Two of the house we are looking at are in the North Charleston Area in Mark's Creek and/or Charleston Heights.  We lived close to Northwoods Mall back in 1993. 

Can someone fill us in on how North Charleston and that area are today, better or worse?  I don't want to blindly follow the real estate happy attitude.  Is that a safe neighborhood?

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Hi everyone!

My husband and I are looking to relocate within the next year and Charleston is pretty high on our list.  I'm looking to get the good, bad and ugly on everything Charleston.  Where are the best places to live, work and etc.  We have fallen in love with a few houses at Cane Bay Plantation so any info on that area would be great as well.

Also, he has a BS in Criminal Justice and I'm 3/4ths of the way done with my Masters in Counseling (already have BS in Social Work) so if anyone knows of any jobs that would be great as well!

Thanks for any and all information.
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Downtown Apartments

I've been looking at apartments downtown online and two properties keep popping up. Sergeant Jasper at 310 Broad St. and the Courtyards at 411 Meeting St. The info and pictures online seems pretty appealing but as we all know pictures and online tour isn't as what they are in real life. Does anyone know more info about these properties? What kind of neighborhoods are they located in? And if anyone know of other recommendations for a downtown apartment feel free to point me in the right direction. I can use all the help I can get.

Design your own handbag and donate to your favorite charity

In the Bag, a Mt. Pleasant store that lets you design a custom handbag from a selection of 200 of the trendiest fabrics, leathers, styles and hardware, will be letting customers give back to their favorite charities throughout July. As part of its "In the Bag Gives Back" initiative, anyone who hosts a trunk show (at the In the Bag store, the host’s home or another location of their choosing) will receive 10-15% of that show’s revenue for the charity of their choice.

On the list so far, and open to the public, are:

July 10 – Women Making a Difference

July 15 – Honduras Outreach, Inc.

July 30 – Communities in Schools

July 31 – American Heart Association

All of the above events will be held at the store, 976 Houston Northcutt Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant, from 5-8 p.m.

For more information about In the Bag or to host a trunk show during the month of July, please call the store at 843-388-7292. To design and order a custom bag online, visit



Vintage college girls on vacay

Hey, guys.

My friend and I are coming to Charleston on Saturday and Sunday. We're both heavily into vintage clothing circa 1940s-1950s, although we both like 30s and 60s clothing too. We're wearing vintage clothing in Charleston too, and were wondering if there are any really good vintage stores where we could find dresses, skirts, hats, gloves, and bags.

We'd also like to try some of the amazing Charleston food we've heard about, but we're both poor college kids, so keeping it reasonable is key.

Thanks for the help!

Also, any beautiful gardens to look at, or where the best Civil War houses are? I've heard that below Broad is the best place to find rows and rows of them, but if someone could point me in the right direction that'd be awesome.

Thanks again